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461 Miliana Latin Feminine of Emeliano. F
462 Milka Czechoslovakian Industrious. F
463 Milka Slavic Industrious. F
464 Mima Hebrew Diminutive of Jemima: Dove. Little dove. In the Old Testament, Jemima was one of the three beautiful daughters of Job (the other two were Keziah and Keren). F
465 Mina Dutch Protector. F
466 Mina German Love. F
467 Mina Muslim Variant of Meena: Starling. Heaven. Glass.. F
468 Minerva Greek Wise. F
469 Minerva Latin Mind; to remember. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, arts, crafts, and of war. F

470 Minetta French Form of Williamina. F
471 Minka Polish Strong. F
472 Minka Teutonic Resolute. F
473 Minna French Form of Williamina. F
474 Minna German Love. F
475 Minna Teutonic Loving memory. F
476 Minna Yiddish Bitter. F
477 Minta Greek Plant name. F
478 Mintha Greek Plant name. F
479 Mira Greek Abundance. F
480 Mira Hebrew Bitter. F