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41 Magnilda Norse Strong fighter. F
42 Magnolia English Magnolia (flowering shrub). F
43 Magnolia French Flower. F
44 Maha Muslim Wild cow.. F
45 Mahala Hebrew Tenderness; barren. F
46 Mahala NativeAmerican 'Woman. F
47 Mahalia Hebrew Variant of Mahala: Tenderness; barren. F
48 Mahesa Hindi Wife of Shiva. F
49 Mahila Indian Woman. F

50 Mahina Hawaiian Moon; moonlight. F
51 Maia French May. In Roman mythology Maia: (source of the month May) was goddess of spring growth. F
52 Maia Greek Mother of Hermes. F
53 Maia Hebrew Close to God. F
54 Maia Latin Daughter d Atlas. F
55 Maida Anglo-Saxon Maiden. F
56 Maida English Maiden; virgin. F
57 Maimoona Muslim Variant of Maimuna: Safe. Trustworthy.. F
58 Maimuna Muslim Safe. Trustworthy.. F
59 Maira Scottish Variant of Mary: bitter. F
60 Mairia Irish Bitter. F