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1 Ma'isah Muslim Walking with a proud swinging gait.. F
2 Maachah Biblical Pressed down, worn, fastened. F
3 Maarath Biblical Den, making empty, watching. F
4 Maath Biblical Wiping away, breaking, fearing, smiting. F
5 Macbeth Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Macbeth' Lady Macbeth, with to Macbeth who urges him to murder Duncan, then later goes mad from guilt. F
6 Machpelah Biblical Double. F
7 Madihah Muslim Praiseworthy.. F
8 Madmannah Biblical Measure of a gift, preparation of a garment. F
9 Maegth English Maiden. F

10 Magbish Biblical Excelling, height. F
11 Magpiash Biblical A body thrust hard together. F
12 Mahalah Hebrew Variant of Mahala: Tenderness; barren. F
13 Mahath Biblical Wiping away, breaking, fearing, smiting. F
14 Mahlah Biblical Infirmity, a harp, pardon. F
15 Maizah Muslim Discerning.. F
16 Majeedah Muslim Variant of Majidah: Glorious.. F
17 Majidah Muslim Variant of Majida: Glorious. Powerful.. F
18 Makheloth Biblical Assemblies, congregations. F
19 Makkedah Biblical Worshiping, burning, raised, crookedness. F
20 Malcah Hebrew Queen. F