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21 Malkah Hebrew Queen. F
22 Mallaidh Hebrew Bitter. F
23 Marah Biblical Bitter, bitterness F
24 Marah Hebrew Variant of Mara: Bitter. In the Bible, Naomi adopted the name Mara after the death of her husband and two sons. F
25 Maralah Biblical Sleep, a sacrifice of myrrh, ascension. F
26 Maralah NativeAmerican Born during an earthquake. F
27 Mariah English Variant of Latin Mary: bitter. F
28 Mariah French Variant of Latin Mary: bitter. F
29 Marleigh English Marshy meadow. Also Variant of Marlene: Woman from Magdala. F

30 Maroth Biblical Bitterness. F
31 Masrekah Biblical Whistling, hissing. F
32 Massah Biblical Temptation. F
33 Mawiyah Muslim Old Arabic name. The essence of life.. F
34 Mayah Hebrew Close to God. F
35 Maymunah Muslim Auspicious. Blessed.. F
36 Mayyadah Muslim Variant of Maysa': To walk with a proud swinging gait.. F
37 Mazzaroth Biblical The twelve signs of the zodiac. F
38 Meadghbh Celtic Nimble. F
39 Meadhbh Irish Happiness or pearl. F
40 Meah Biblical A hundred cubits. F