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41 Mearah Biblical Den, cave, making empty. F
42 Mecherath Biblical Selling, knowledge. F
43 Mehalah Hebrew Variant of Mahala: Tenderness; barren. F
44 Mekonah Biblical A foot of a pillar, provision. F
45 Melatiah Biblical Deliverance of the Lord. F
46 Menachemah Hebrew Consolation. F
47 Mephaath Biblical Appearance, or force, of waters. F
48 Meredith Celtic Protector of the sea. F
49 Meredith Welsh Magnificent. Great chief. Great lady. This name can be given to children of either gender, but is more common among girls. F

50 Meribah Biblical Dispute, quarrel. F
51 Merodach Biblical Bitter contrition. F
52 Metheg-ammah Biblical Bridle of bondage. F
53 Micah Hebrew Who is like Jah? Biblical prophet and writer of the Book of Micah. F
54 Michmethah Biblical The gift or death of a striker. F
55 Milborough English Mild borough or fortress. F
56 Milcah Biblical Queen F
57 Milcah Hebrew Queen. F
58 Minah Yiddish Bitter. F
59 Minneiah Biblical Possession of the Lord. F
60 Minnith Biblical Reckoned, prepared. F