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1 Maachathi Biblical Broken. F
2 Maadai Biblical Pleasant, testifying. F
3 Maai Biblical Belly, heaping up. F
4 Maasiai Biblical The defense, or strength, or trust of the Lord. F
5 Mabli Welsh Welsh form of Mabel, meaning lovable. F
6 Machi Biblical Poor, a smiter. F
7 Machnadebai Biblical Smiter. F
8 Maci English Derived from medieval male form of Matthew. F
9 Madelhari German Army counselor. F

10 Madri Indian Wife of Pandu. F
11 Maemi Japanese Smile of truth. F
12 Maganhildi German Strong battle maiden. F
13 Maggi English Abbreviation of Margaret. A pearl. F
14 Mahadevi Indian Great goddess. F
15 Mahali Biblical Infirmity, a harp, pardon. F
16 Mahamari Indian Killer. F
17 Maharai Biblical Hasting, a hill, from a hill. F
18 Mahbubi Muslim Beloved. Sweetheart.. F
19 Maheshvari Indian Great lady. F
20 Mahli Biblical Infirmity, a harp, pardon. F