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41 Merrill Latin Blackbird. F
42 Merryl French Blackbird. F
43 Meryl Arabic Myrrh. F
44 Meryl Celtic Variant of Muriel: Bright sea. F
45 Meryl French Blackbird. F
46 Meryl Latin Blackbird. F
47 Mettabel Hebrew God's favor. F
48 Mical Hebrew Variant of Michal: Who is like God?. F
49 Michal Biblical Who is perfect?. F

50 Michal Hebrew Who is like God? Feminine of Michael. Biblical Michal was King Saul's daughter and first wife of David. F
51 Migdol Biblical A tower. F
52 Mikil Hawaiian Quick; nimble. F
53 Minal NativeAmerican Fruit. F
54 Mindel Yiddish Bitter. F
55 Mirabel Latin Wonderful. F
56 Mirel Yiddish Bitter. F
57 Mishal Biblical Parables, governing. F
58 Misheal Biblical Requiring, lent, pit. F
59 Moibeal Gaelic Gaelic form of Mabel. F
60 Moibeal Scottish Lovable. F