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1 Maale-akrabbim Biblical Ascent of scorpions. F
2 Mahanaim Biblical Tents, two fields, two armies. F
3 Mahanem Biblical A comforter. F
4 Makarim Arabic Honourable. F
5 Makarim Muslim Of good and honorable character.. F
6 Maram Muslim Aspiration.. F
7 Mariam Arabic Arabic form of Mary. F
8 Mariam Latin Variant of Mary: bitter. F
9 Maryam Arabic Variant of Mary: bitter. F

10 Maryam Greek Bitter. Variant of Mary. F
11 Menahem Biblical Comforter, who conducts them, preparation of heat. F
12 Meonenim Biblical Charmers, regarders of times. F
13 Merom Biblical Eminences, elevations. F
14 Meunim Biblical Dwelling-places, afflicted. F
15 Michtam Biblical Golden psalm. F
16 Mijam Finnish Finnish form of Miriam. F
17 Miletum Biblical Red, scarlet. F
18 Miriam Armenian Biblical name meaning rebellious. F
19 Miriam Biblical Rebellion F
20 Miriam Hebrew Rebellious. In the Old Testament, Miriam was the sister of Moses and Aaron. F