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81 Meggan Welsh Variant of Margaret - pearl - based on the abbreviation Meg. F
82 Meghan Anglo-Saxon Strong and capable. F
83 Meghan Greek Pearl. F
84 Meghan Irish Pearl. F
85 Meghan Welsh Pearl. F
86 Megiddon Biblical His precious fruit, declaring a message. F
87 Mehuman Biblical Making an uproar, a multitude. F
88 Meirion Welsh Name derived from the old county of Merionethshire. F
89 Mejarkon Biblical The waters of Jordan. F

90 Menan Biblical Numbered, rewarded, prepared. F
91 Merlyn French Blackbird. F
92 Merrion Welsh Variant of Meirion: Name derived from the old county of Merionethshire. F
93 Michaelyn Hebrew Variant of Michal: Who is like God?. F
94 Michalin Hebrew Close to God. F
95 Middin Biblical Judgment, striving. F
96 Mignon French Darling ('mignon' in French). Delicate. F
97 Migron Biblical Fear, farm, throat. F
98 Min Gaelic Smooth; fine; small. F
99 Min Irish Smooth; fine; small. F
100 Miren Hebrew Bitter. F