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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Na'ila Muslim Winner.. F
2 Na'ima Muslim Comfort. Happiness. Benefit. Tranquility. Peace.. F
3 Naa'ila Muslim Variant of Na'ila: Winner.. F
4 Naadhira Muslim Variant of Nadhira: Blooming. Flourishing.. F
5 Naadiya Muslim Variant of Nadia: Caller. Announcer.. F
6 Naaji'a Muslim Beneficial. Useful.. F
7 Naajia Muslim Variant of Najia: Free. Escaped.. F
8 Naasiha Muslim Variant of Nasiha: Advisor. Sincere.. F
9 Naava Hebrew Beautiful. F

10 Naazima Muslim Variant of Nazima: Poetess. Matron.. F
11 Naazira Muslim Variant of Nazira: Onlooker.. F
12 Nada Arabic Giving. F
13 Nada Muslim Generosity. Dew.. F
14 Nada Russian Variant of Nadia: Hope. F
15 Nada Scandinavian Hope. F
16 Nadenka Russian Hope. F
17 Nadetta German The courage of a bear. F
18 Nadezhda Russian Hope. F
19 Nadezhda Slavic Hope. F
20 Nadheera Muslim Variant of Nadhira: Head. Foremost. also blooming or flourishing.. F