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21 Nadhira Muslim Head. Foremost. also blooming or flourishing.. F
22 Nadia Muslim Caller. Announcer.. F
23 Nadia Russian Hope. F
24 Nadia Slavic Hope. F
25 Nadina German The courage of a bear. F
26 Nadja German 'Hope. F
27 Nadya Russian Hope. F
28 Nadya Slavic Hope. F
29 Nadyenka Russian Hope. F

30 Nadyenka Slavic Hope. F
31 Nadyuiska Slavic Hope. F
32 Nadzia Polish Hope. F
33 Nafeesa Muslim Variant of Nafisa: Precious. Delicate. Gem.. F
34 Nafisa Muslim Precious. Delicate. Gem.. F
35 Nageena Muslim Variant of Nagina: Gem. Pearl.. F
36 Nagina Muslim Gem. Pearl.. F
37 Naia Latin A nymph. F
38 Naiadia Latin A nymph. F
39 Naiara Basque Refers to the Virgin Mary. F
40 Naiara Spanish Reference to the Virgin Mary. F