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61 Napea Latin A nymph. F
62 Napia Latin A nymph. F
63 Naqeeba Muslim Variant of Naqiba: Soul. Group leader.. F
64 Naqiba Muslim Soul. Group leader.. F
65 Nara Celtic Contented. F
66 Nara English Nearest. F
67 Nara Gaelic Happy. F
68 Nara NativeAmerican From Nara. F
69 Narcisa Greek Daffodil. F

70 Narcisa Spanish Daffodil. F
71 Narcissa Greek Daffodil. F
72 Narda Latin Fragrant. F
73 Narda Persian Anointed. F
74 Nardia Latin Fragrant. F
75 Nareena Celtic Contented. F
76 Narissa Greek Sea nymph; daughter of Nereus. In Greek mythology the Nereids were mermaids and deities of the seas. F
77 Narkissa Greek Daffodil. F
78 Narkissa Russian Daffodil. F
79 Narmada Hindi Gives us pleasure. F
80 Naseeba Muslim Variant of Nasiba: Luck. Share.. F