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21 Najjiyyah Muslim Variant of Naaji'a: Beneficial. Useful.. F
22 Nazahah Muslim Purity. Righteousness. Honesty.. F
23 Nazareth Biblical Separated, crowned, sanctified. F
24 Nazihah Muslim Honest.. F
25 Nazirah Muslim Like. Equal. Matching.. F
26 Neah Biblical Moved, moving. F
27 Nedivah Hebrew Giving. F
28 Needah Muslim Variant of Nida: Call. Voice.. F
29 Neginoth Biblical Stringed instruments. F

30 Neith Egyptian The divine mother. F
31 Neorah Hebrew Light. F
32 Nephthoah Biblical Opening, open. F
33 Neziah Biblical Conqueror, strong. F
34 Ni'mah Muslim Variant of Nimat: Blessing(s). Loan(s).. F
35 Nimrah Biblical Leopard, bitterness, rebellion. F
36 Nineveh Biblical Handsome, agreeable. F
37 Nisroch Biblical Flight, proof, temptation, delicate. F
38 Nitzanah Hebrew Blossom. F
39 Noadiah Biblical Witness, or ornament, of the Lord. F
40 Noah Biblical That quavers or totters (Zelophehad's daughter) F