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1 Naaman Biblical Beautiful; agreeable F
2 Naazneen Muslim Variant of Naznin: Delicate. Belle.. F
3 Nachon Biblical Ready, sure. F
4 Nadeen French Variant of Nadia. F
5 Nain Biblical Beauty, pleasantness. F
6 Nan English Diminutive of Anne: Favour; grace. F
7 Nan French Variant of Anne: favor; grace. F
8 Nan Hebrew Grace. F
9 Nann English Variant of Anne, meaning favor; grace. F

10 Nann French Variant of Anne: favor; grace. F
11 Nanon French Grace. Favor. F
12 Nareen Celtic Contented. F
13 Nason Biblical Helper, entry-way. F
14 Nasreen Muslim Variant of Nasrin: Jonquille. Jonquil.. F
15 Nasrin Muslim Jonquille. Jonquil.. F
16 Nazneen Farsi Exquisitely beautiful; charming. A name used for a beloved woman or child. F
17 Naznin Muslim Delicate. Belle.. F
18 Nebushasi_hahban Biblical Speech, prophecy, springing, flowing. F
19 Nehushtan Biblical A trifling thing of brass. F
20 Nellwyn English Bright friend. F