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41 Orane French Rising. F
42 Orguelleuse ArthurianLegend An arrogant lady. F
43 Oribelle Latin Beautiful golden child. F
44 Orlaithe Irish Golden. F
45 Orlanthe Teutonic Renowned fame. F
46 Orlee Hebrew Light. F
47 Orlene French Gold. F
48 Orlene Latin Golden. F
49 Orphe Latin Lover of Dionysus. F

50 Ortensie Latin Farmer. F
51 Ortrude Teutonic Serpentine. F
52 Osane Basque Health. F
53 Osane Spanish Health. F
54 Oseye Egyptian Happy. F
55 Otilie German Fortunate heroine. F
56 Otthilde German Fortunate heroine. F
57 Ottilie Anglo-Saxon Little wealthy one. F
58 Ottilie German Elfin spear. Can also be a feminine variant of Odo: Wealthy, or of Ottilia: of the fatherland; fortunate heroine. F
59 Ottilie Teutonic Lucky battle maiden. F
60 Ove Celtic Mythical daughter of Dearg. F