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41 Pasha Greek Born at Easter. F
42 Pasha Russian Born on Good Friday. F
43 Pasithea Latin Mother of Pandion. F
44 Pastora Spanish Shepherdess. F
45 Pastora Teutonic Shepherdess. F
46 Patara Biblical Trodden under foot. F
47 Patiencia Latin Patient. F
48 Patientia Latin Patient. F
49 Patricia Latin Feminine form of Patrick: Regal; noble. F

50 Patricia Spanish Noble. F
51 Patrizia Italian Noble. F
52 Paula Latin Feminine form of Paul: Little; small. F
53 Paula Swedish Little. F
54 Pauleta Latin Small. F
55 Pauletta Latin Small. F
56 Paulina Latin Small. F
57 Paulina Polish Little. F
58 Paulina Russian Little. F
59 Paulina Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' Wife to Antigonus. F
60 Paulina Swedish Little. F