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81 Penthesilea Latin Queen of the Amazons. F
82 Penthia Greek Born fifth. F
83 Pepita Hebrew Feminine form of Joseph: May Jehovah add and give increase. F
84 Pepita Spanish Spanish feminine form of Joseph: He (God) shall add. F
85 Perahta German Glorious. F
86 Perdita Latin Lost. Perdita was the heroine of Shakespeare's play 'The Winter's Tale'. F
87 Perdita Shakespearean 'The Winter's Tale' Daughter to Leontes and Hermione. F
88 Peregrina Latin Wanderer. F
89 Perez-Uzza Biblical Division of Uzza, or of strength. F

90 Perfecta Spanish Perfect. F
91 Perga Biblical Very earthy. F
92 Perida Biblical Separation, division. F
93 Perpetua Latin Perpetual; continual. F
94 Persia Biblical That cuts or divides, a nail, a gryphon, a horseman. F
95 Pertunda Latin Juno's surname. F
96 Peruda Biblical Separation, division. F
97 Pesha Greek Born at Easter. F
98 Peta Greek Feminine form of Peter: Stone; rock. F
99 Peta NativeAmerican Golden eagle (Black Foot). F
100 Petra Greek Feminine form of Peter: Stone; rock. F