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141 Phyllida Greek Loving. Can also be a variant of Phyllis: Leafy foliage; green bough. F
142 Pia Italian Pious. F
143 Pia Latin Pious. F
144 Pia Spanish Pious. F
145 Pia Swedish Pious. F
146 Pierretta French Feminine form of Pierre. F
147 Pietra Italian Rock. F
148 Pinga Hindi Tawny. F
149 Pippa Italian Lover of horses. F

150 Piroska Hungarian Hungarian form of Priscilla: ancient. F
151 Piroska Latin Archaic. F
152 Pisidia Biblical Pitch, pitchy. F
153 Pithasthana Indian Wife of Shiva. F
154 Placida Latin Tranquil. F
155 Placida Spanish Tranquil. F
156 Pladdia Latin Tranquil. F
157 Polemusa Latin An Amazon. F
158 Polikwaptiwa NativeAmerican Butterfly sitting on a flower (Hopi). F
159 Pollyanna English Compound of the names Polly and Anna. Writer Eleanor Porter invented this name for the heroine of her novel 'Pollyanna' (1913). F
160 Poloma NativeAmerican Bow (Choctaw). F