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161 Polyhymnia Greek Muse of sacred song. F
162 Polyxena Greek Daughter of Priam. F
163 Polyxena Latin Daughter of Priam. F
164 Pomona Latin Fertile. F
165 Pomonia Latin Fertile. F
166 Pompeia Latin From pompey. F
167 Portia Latin An offering. Portia was a heroine in Shakespeare's 'The Merchant of Venice'. F
168 Portia Shakespearean 'The Tragedy of Julius Caesar' Wife of Brutus. 'The Merchant of Venice' A rich heiress, pursued by Bassanio. F
169 Potina Latin Blesses the food of children. F

170 Powaqa NativeAmerican Witch (Hopi). F
171 Prabha Hindi Light. F
172 Pramlocha Indian A mythical nymph. F
173 Predentia Latin Prudent. F
174 Prenia Greek Ardent. F
175 Prima Latin Firstborn. F
176 Primalia Latin Firstborn. F
177 Primavera Latin Born at the beginning of spring. F
178 Primavera Spanish Springtime. F
179 Prisca Biblical Ancient. F
180 Prisca Latin Archaic. F