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21 Pattie Latin Diminutive of Patricia: Noble. St. Patricia was a 7th century patron saint of Naples. F
22 Paulette Latin Feminine form of Paul: Little; small. F
23 Pauline Latin Feminine form of Paul: Little; small. F
24 Pauline Russian Little. F
25 Pazice Hebrew Golden. F
26 Peace English Peace; peaceful. One of the many qualities and virtues that the Puritans adopted as names after the Reformation. F
27 Peace Latin Tranquil. F
28 Pearle Latin Precious. F
29 Pearlie English Diminutive of Pearl: Pearl (after the name of the semi-precious jewel). F

30 Pearline Latin Precious. F
31 Pedrine Danish Feminine of Pedar. F
32 Peirene Latin Lover of Poseidon. F
33 Pelonite Biblical Falling, secret. F
34 Penelope Gaelic Variant of Fenella: White shoulder. From Fionnghuala or Fionnuala. F
35 Penelope Greek Bobbin. Penelope was the faithful wife of Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey. F
36 Penine Greek Rock. F
37 Pensee French Thoughtful. F
38 Peregrine Latin Foreigner; stranger; pilgrim; traveler; wanderer. F
39 Perke Hebrew Devoted to God. F
40 Persephone Greek Wife of Hades. F