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1 Pales Latin Goddess of shepherds and flocks. F
2 Pallas Latin Daughter of Triton. F
3 Paphos Biblical Which boils, or is very hot. F
4 Paphos Latin Mother of Cinyras. F
5 Pathros Biblical Mouthful of dough, persuasion of ruin. F
6 Patmos Biblical Mortal. F
7 Pentapolis Biblical Five cities. F
8 Pergamos Biblical Height, elevation. F
9 Perizzites Biblical Dwelling in villages. F

10 Persis Greek From Persia. F
11 Persis Latin From persia. F
12 Pharisees Biblical Set apart. F
13 Philetus Biblical Amiable, beloved. F
14 Philis Greek Green bough. F
15 Philistines Biblical Those who dwell in villages. F
16 Phillis Greek Loving. Can also be a variant of Phyllis: Leafy foliage; green bough. F
17 Philologus Biblical A lover of letters, or of the word. F
18 Phygellus Biblical Fugitive. F
19 Phylacteries Biblical Things to be especially observed. F
20 Phylis Greek Green bough. F