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41 Rohine Teutonic Sparkling fame. F
42 Rolande German From the famous land. F
43 Rolande Teutonic Renowned. F
44 Rollande Teutonic Renowned. F
45 Romaine French Woman of Rome. F
46 Romelde Teutonic Glorified battle maiden. F
47 Romhilde German Glorious battle maiden. F
48 Romilde German Glorious battle maiden. F
49 Romilde Teutonic Glorified battle maiden. F

50 Ronalde Teutonic Powerful. F
51 Ronnette Scottish Feminine form of Ronald: Mighty counselor/ruler. F
52 Ronnie Latin Diminutive of Veronica: True image; honest image. Biblical - from the maiden who handed Christ her handkerchief on the way to Calvary. His likeness miraculously appeared on the handkerchief, thus she received her name. F
53 Roobee Muslim Variant of Rubi: Ruby. Precious stone.. F
54 Roohee Muslim Variant of Ruhi: Spiritual. Of spirit.. F
55 Rosabelle English Variant of Rose: Rose (flower name). F
56 Rosabelle German Noted protector. Also a variant of Rose: Horse; fame. F
57 Rosabelle Latin Beautiful rose. F
58 Rosalie Italian Rose. F
59 Rosalie Latin Variant of Rosalia: Rose. F
60 Rosalinde Spanish Beautiful. F