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1 Sa'diyya Muslim Variant of Sa'diah: Luck. Good fortune.. F
2 Sa'eeda Muslim Variant of Sa'ida: Happy. Lucky.. F
3 Sa'ida Muslim Happy. Lucky.. F
4 Saabira Muslim Variant of Sabirah: Patient. Enduring.. F
5 Saadiqa Muslim Variant of Sadiqa: Truthful. Sincere.. F
6 Saaleha Muslim Variant of Salihah: Good. Useful. Correct. Agreeable. Pious.. F
7 Saaraa Muslim Variant of Sara: Pure. Happy.. F
8 Saba Greek From Sheba. F
9 Saba Muslim Eastern wind.. F

10 Sabaa Muslim Variant of Saba: Eastern wind.. F
11 Sabana Spanish From the open plain. F
12 Sabeeha Muslim Variant of Sabiha: Forenoon. Beautiful.. F
13 Sabiha Muslim Forenoon. Beautiful.. F
14 Sabina Latin A Sabine. From an ancient Roman tribe name, Sabinus. F
15 Sabina Russian A Sabine. F
16 Sabina Spanish A Sabine. F
17 Sabra Hebrew To rest. F
18 Sabria Latin From Cyprus. F
19 Sabrina English Legendary princess. F
20 Sabrina Italian From the border. F