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181 Shadha Muslim Aromatic.. F
182 Shafeeqa Muslim Variant of Shafiqa: Kind. Compassionate.. F
183 Shafiqa Muslim Kind. Compassionate.. F
184 Shagoofa Muslim Variant of Shagufa: Bud. New.. F
185 Shagufa Muslim Bud. New.. F
186 Shagufta Muslim Blooming. Flourishing.. F
187 Shaheena Muslim Variant of Shahina: Falconess.. F
188 Shahida Muslim Witness. True copy.. F
189 Shahina Muslim Falconess.. F

190 Shahla Muslim Having bluish black eyes.. F
191 Shahlaa Muslim Variant of Shahla: Having bluish black eyes.. F
192 Shaibya Indian Faithful wife. F
193 Shakeela Muslim Variant of Shakila: Well shaped. Beautiful.. F
194 Shakila Muslim Well shaped. Beautiful.. F
195 Shakira Muslim Thankful. Grateful.. F
196 Shakoora Muslim Variant of Shakura: Very thankful.. F
197 Shakra Indian Owl. F
198 Shakura Muslim Very thankful.. F
199 Shaleeqa Muslim Variant of Shaliqa: Real sister. Migraine.. F
200 Shaliqa Muslim Real sister. Migraine.. F