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1 Saraid Irish Excellent. F
2 Seled Biblical Affliction, warning. F
3 Seonaid Gaelic Gift from God. F
4 Sepharad Biblical A book descending. F
5 Serhild German Armored battle maiden. F
6 Shahrazad Muslim Teller of 'Tales of 1,001 Nights'.[See Muslim Names in Help file for usage guidelines]. F
7 Shamed Biblical Destroying, wearing out. F
8 Signild Swedish Victorious. F
9 Sigrid Danish Victorious counselor. F

10 Sigrid Norse Conquering advisor. F
11 Sigrid Swedish Victorious. F
12 Sinead English Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favour. A Feminine form of John. Variant of Joan. From the Old French Jehane. Famous Bearer: American actress Jayne Mansfield (1932-67). F
13 Sinead Hebrew Kind. F
14 Sinead Irish Gaelic form of Jane: God is gracious. Famous Bearer: singer Sinead O'Connor. F
15 Sioned Welsh Welsh form of Jane: God is gracious. God's gift. F
16 Soledad Spanish Solitary. F
17 Stockard English Hardy tree. F
18 Stockhard English Hardy tree. F
19 Stokkard English Hardy tree. F
20 Sud Biblical My secret. F