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# Name Origin Meaning Gender Save

1 Sabine Latin A Sabine. From an ancient Roman tribe name, Sabinus. F
2 Sadie English Diminutive of Sarah: princess; or Mercedes: mercy. F
3 Sadie Hebrew Diminutive of Sarah: Princess. F
4 Sadie Spanish Diminutive of Mercedes: Mercy. Derived from one of the Spanish titles for the Virgin Mary (Maria de las Mercedes). F
5 Sage Latin Wise. F
6 Saline Latin From a salty place. F
7 Sallie Hebrew Princess. F
8 Salome Biblical Peaceable; perfect; she that rewards F
9 Salome Hebrew Peace. Tranquil. In the Bible, Salome was the granddaughter of Herod the Great who asked for the head of John the Baptist in return for dancing for her stepfather on his birthday. F

10 Sameere Muslim Variant of Samirah: Jovial. Companion.. F
11 Sandrine Greek Protector of man. F
12 Sapphire Greek Jewel. F
13 Sapphire Hebrew Sapphire (gem); beautiful. F
14 Saveage ArthurianLegend Sister of Lyones. F
15 Sebastene Greek Adored. F
16 Sebastiane Latin Majestic. F
17 Sebastiene Italian Feminine form of Sebastiano: revered. F
18 Sebastienne Greek Adored. F
19 Sebille ArthurianLegend A fairy. F
20 Sele Hebrew Rock. F